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On February 15th I started painting for what was, at the time, intended to be a 214 hour marathon where I would produce 214 paintings during that period of time.  By the time the final hour rolled around, I didn't have the heart to stop.  So I kept painting...with the intention of only stopping once I reached the magical number that is 300.  The experiment worked out pretty well I think.  I painted with Indian Ink for the first time, learned what works (and what doesn't) when "rotoscoping" is involved, and ended up being proud of a good solid chunk of what was created.  While I'm not proud of everything you're about to see, I figured you guys would enjoy seeing EVERYTHING. 

The page you're looking at is only a gallery of thumbnails.  95% of the subjects painted were requests made by both readers of this site, friends, and a small but awesome list of celebrities that I asked to suggest something for me to paint.  Also, some paintings were part of "art challenges"...like painting drunk, with my eyes closed, left-handed, or with the song "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" playing over and over and over again for a straight hour.   CLICK HERE TO READ WHY EACH PIECE WAS PAINTED.

Edit:  3 years is plenty of time for an offer to expire.  If you still want to buy any of these, just let me know.

Please enjoy  the result of almost two weeks worth of painting, painting, painting.  While the order below isn't exactly correct, the paintings  at the top were completed towards the end of the crash, while those at the bottom of this page were painted right at the beginning.  The quality shift is there, albeit I think it's a pretty weird one.  Enjoy:

The Megaman Robot Bosses (Don't ask...booze was involved.)

More "Normal" paintings, with normal being defined as "not Megaman-related":

While that's about it, I did decide to do an Hourly Comic on the very first day that I decided to do this.   It's not as...ahem..."detailed" as my other stuff because I was a busy painting like a madman and dealing with my stupid computer not working.  Enjoy:

It's really interesting to be able to read what I was thinking only twelve hours into this thing.  My only regret is that I didn't do an hourly comic on the last day so I could compare them directly. 

Well, that was the Art Crash that lasted 300 hours.  If you want to know more about the who and WHY behind some of the more random paintings, feel free to click HERE for all sorts of juicy tidbits of knowledge.

Feel free to email any requests to OhgodtheRats@aol.com.  Even though this Crash is over, I'll be doing this again...I'm sure of it.  All I can say is that I'm terrified that I didn't burn out during this project...and even more scared because I'm looking forward to when I get to do this again.


Other Stuff that's sort of related to this:

Click Here to see the original Art Crash that I did in October.

all images Copyright 2006 jared von hindman.....because who else would paint all this random, random crap?

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