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Well, I did it again.  What I did for 300 hours back in February I've repeated, even if only for a week.  What that means, to the one person who might have stumbled onto this page, is that I painted for a straight week, producing at least one painting for every hour that passed.  The difference between the last time and this one, beside the shorter time frame, is that this Art Crash wasn't planned.  Someone suggested that I should have another  Art Crash and I started a week-long painting marathon the very next day.  Spontaneity is fun...and painful.  I'm just glad this Crash is over.  That said, let's get this in motion.

(To the new guy:  98% of everything you see here was based off something someone suggested that I paint for them.

  Click HERE to see all the art along with explanations as to why I had to paint it.

Keep scrolling if you don't care about that kind of thing.  I don't mind.  Really I don't.)

If you're counting pieces, you'll notice that that is NOT a week's worth of paintings.  I'm actually a few short.  Technically I failed this Art Crash.  I say technically because I painted a LOT MORE than 168 pieces...but I can't share all of them.  On Sunday I started working on something as suggested by one of my favorite authors, Kathe Koja.  This was meant to be my 24 hour comic.  It went in weird places and, well, got complicated.  It'll be on the site soon....but I wanted to polish it since it's sort of personal and something that didn't deserve to be rushed.  So expect something different to make an appearance soon. 

For the sake of excuses, I did work on something else that I can't post on the site either.  If you know me in real life, you've probably already played my card game.  Hell, you might even be addicted to it.  That's right, I'm talking to you Phil.  A rabid gamer (not named Phil) asked me to paint a deck for them and, well, I painted it.  It's not "art" and it's not something that I want to put completely onto the internet...not yet anyway.  These won't make any sense to you, but I figured you might get a kick out of seeing a few of my favorite cards.


Well, that's about it kids.  I've got to return to this thing called "real life."  Whatever that is, I've been neglecting it severely.  Hope you enjoyed the Art and I'll talk to you later.


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all images Copyright 2006 jared von hindman.....because who else would paint all this random, random crap?

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