Guest Comic Stuff

Sometimes I do stuff for them, and sometimes they do stuff for me.

What I've done for them:

  As seen on Samurai Pride.

As seen on

  This was for Sunday at 10, a webcomic that was trying to determine if their female character was a ninja or a pirate.  Long story short, I won...and this is the comic that turned her into a ninja.  Oh, and I got a t-shirt out of the deal.

  Swap Day fun, this time for Suspicious Minds.

  A mostly true accounting of what went through my head when I met the guy behind Bollox comics.

  If you look at the cast page of PC Weenies, you'll understand what this guest comic is about.  Hint:  She's married to a leprechaun.

  As part of Fright Night 8, I did this for Fetus X.  Don't judge me.

  When Bob of "Journey into History" asked for guest comics, I threw this together.  His site's gone down since it was used, but JiH was about a pencil & an eraser who reviewed webcomics.  It was also the first site to review my own.  Mostly lovingly.  Mostly.

  No, this 8-bit Theater guest comic did not make the cut in 2004.  Even though Brian decided not to use it, I still sort of like it though it is one of the first "multi-panel" comics I ever drew.

I did this for something called Comic of Loathing by Elp, a long time ago.  It's not supposed to make sense.

What They've Done for Me:

Strange Fiction did these for me for our annual Eyeskream Swap week.  They're pretty nifty, really.

As stated before, I took part in Fright Night 8.  As part of that little comic madness, the man behind Fetus X did this one:

The man behind the only cyborg pig comic I've ever read (known cleverly as Cy-Boar), gave me this small army of guest comics when Eyeskream Swap week came around.





All images copyright Jared von Hindman, though some of the intellectual properties being mocked are most likely not mine at all.