Guest Experiment:  Digital Strips

To be fair, this is not a guest strip at all...I just can't think of a title that doesn't sound like "Fan Art." I got bored one day and decided to paint up something with the Digital Strip guys.  Motivation for this has something to do with the fact that once their podcast got out there it seemed EVERYONE started doing webcomic review podcasts for all sorts of reason that ranged from self-promotion to journalism to revenge.  Lots of different podcasts, lots of different reasons...some of them dramatic.  Oh, and they're the only place I get "webcomic news" as, so far, they're pretty detached from the drama. By the way, this strip won't make sense to any of you who haven't stumbled onto the Digital Strips guys before this.  For those of you who know and love the D and the Z:  Enjoy.

Daku and Zampzon (and maybe Ryan Estrada):  I'm sorry.

The worst part of this is "" is an available web-address at the time of me writing this.  Webcomic reviews and S&M.  I know I'd listen.  Hell, it might make it a little easier to mock the whole "self-whoring" aspect of the whole webcomic scene since you could, you know, be overt about it.  "My ass has 2 vote buttons on it.  Vote today and vote often!"  :sigh: Nevermind.




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Copyright jared von hindman 2005, except for the fact that what you see is supposed to be a thing about the Digital Strip guys....r, as such the intellectual property belongs over there, but the visuals you see, well, stay here.  Or something.  Also don't ask me why crabs have been popping up in every narrative thing I do lately.  I really don't know.