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Nothing makes a good Halloween quite like a costume.  Thanks go to everyone who emailed me a picture...and if I didn't use yours please understand that I got a LOT more pictures this year than last.  So many it's almost scary.  I haven't included anyone's name, but if you want me to drop me a line and I'll give you all the holiday-fame you deserve.


I don't know why this is rather disturbing to me.

You have to respect someone who's costume is called "S&M Nurse."  Either that or grovel a lot.

My friend came to my Halloween party but didn't have a costume.  So she wrapped herself in old christmas lights.  Oddly enough, it was pretty cool...if not the most mobile of costumes.

Do you know what monkey-obsessed webcomic artist dressed as Harvey Birdman this past Halloween?  Hint:  It wasn't me.

That has got to be the most terrified Elmo I've ever seen. 

Alright.  It's awesome that you dressed as a fraggle for Halloween.  The giant gazongas?  They make my brain implode.  Fraggles...must....not...have....mammoth...breasts.  It's still awesome, but somehow part of my childhood just ran away screaming.

This happy fan didn't want me to show her real face.  I wonder why?

Rumor has it this isn't a Halloween photo.  Rumor has it that this is what he wore to his wedding.  How awesome is that?  Did they exchange vows or the skulls of slain enemies?


On the topic of Peter Pan...as a kid, I always thought Peter Pan was a girl with a boy's name....because a woman always played him in the theatrical/stage productions.  This confusion lasted a long time (I actually thought Peter Pan had some rather progressive views towards female-to-female relationships) but I think the comment below sums up why Peter Pan still makes me feel uneasy to this very day.

It's not the best picture, but my love of mummies is not to be denied.

Man, is that cat pissed about having to wear the cape.

That's a girl and she totally makes me want to know who Dero is.

I've always been a fan of homemade costumes that aren't "of" anything.  They're always kind of spooky and unnerving...because people cant' just say "Oh, that's Jason Voorhees."  Whatever this guy was going for, I like it.

Vampire Hunter D meets a He/She Mime of some sort.  Funnily enough, as D is probably the girliest girl-girl boy to ever wear a cape, I thought the He/She theme was appropriate.  : )

Finally, this was my costume.  There aren't many good pictures of it...but this year I decided to just go in all-black wearing a toothed crow's mask so that no one could see what I look like.  Being as tall as I am, the hooded, faceless thing lurking in the shadows tends to leave an impression.  Of course, it's still goofy old me, leading to all sorts of surreal conversations with a guy that isn't really there.  I'm still looking forward to seeing some of those people again, as to this day they still don't know what I look like. 

Halloween 2005:

Ninja Pirate?  Yes.

A friend of mine showed me a picture of himself as a Red Mage/Ninja of some sort.  Sadly, the costume reminded me of something else:

I'm not sure this is a "Halloween" picture, but who am I to argue with Opera?

Shut up.  That's funny.

Pay no attention to the pack of smokes on his right butt cheek.

Don't ask.  I don't know either. 

If you've been paying close attention, than you'd know that my friend Tiffany has already made an appearance this Halloween.  Since she already showed us pics of her as "The Clown From My Nightmares" (week one), she decided to do something different.  While she tells me she's supposed to be a vampire, we all know she went as the traditional Halloween costume for girls:  BOOBS.  It's not a criticism...I'm just pointing out that dressing up in corsets and fishnet stockings is a STAPLE of the modern woman's Halloween.

This is Samantha, a girl who passed out in the other room and was dressed as a pumpkin.  Don't ask me why I take pictures of sleeping people at parties, but I kind of dug her costume.

Say hello to the costume I made with my very own two hands.  Well, I only made the mask, but I'm still proud of myself.  Well, maybe.  I like to pretend.  That is indeed me....so that's the FIRST picture on the site of yours truly.  The only thing I wish I'd added are spooky contact lenses.  The whole "human eyes" thing ruins the costume by pointing out the inherent flaw:  I'm human.

My friend Larissa wanted me to create a Halloween Avatar for her.  I printed out this picture of her and painted this:

God damn, I love Halloween.


It kind of bothers me that I thought of that in the first 3 seconds of looking at the original picture.

The child was just too cute.  Also, don't ask me why I designed her hat to be like that one character from Fat Albert.  It was a whim.

I'm sorry, but I, like any male, have a soft spot for any woman who dresses up like a comic book character.  I have room in my basement for them, too.

Mixed media is so much fun to work with.

It's not exactly a Halloween picture is it?  Oh well.  Take a good look at what the Big Boy's staring at.  If you said "Ireland" then your answer would be partially correct.

I don't know if I was supposed to draw attention to The King's unnatural/scary crotch bulge.

So I did anyway. (Sorry Steve.)

There's no way I can make that any cuter than it is already.

Say hello to Sara's pet, also known as "Chucky the Chicken Cat."

If there is a Hell for cats, it has to involve them being forced to wear embarrassingly cute costumes.

This is Zab (she's a pirate).

This is my friend Tiffany.  I'm glad to know that she doesn't dress as "The Clown from my Nightmares" on a regular basis.



Take me to more Halloween!


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