"Jerome is Special."

On October 9th, I conducted an artistic experiment.  The idea was pretty simple.  Take a simple drawing, Xerox it 50 times, and then see how long it takes to paint all 51 of them. No sleep, just painting and painting.   It took me just about 37 hours to finish what you're about to see.  While I intended this project to really be an experiment in styles and techniques (as well as a way to see determine how fast I paint), some part of my brain snapped and I ended up making a simple little story.  It was a blast to do, even if I did end up trashing my apartment with art supplies.  In case you were curious, here's the original drawing:

That out of the way, Let's look at what I ended up doing with it.  Everything you're about to see was done through a combination of watercolor, ink, and acrylic.  The originals are all 8 x 11...and um, yeah.  Since there wasn't a time limit (excluding the fact that I couldn't sleep until it was finished), I tried my best to make each one interesting....or at least decent.  Oh and if you have a slow connection, it WILL take a while for all 51 to load (if you see a broken image link, refresh the page).  Enjoy:

Interesting stuff:  When I sat down to do this, I didn't have a plan in mind.  I mean, I DID know that that shape was going to be a guy of some sort, but, well, I didn't "write" this as a story.  Pretty much I just based the next picture off of what was going on in the panel before...which helps explain why it's so very random.  My friend also pointed out something that makes me feel lame:  3 of the "plot points" of this thing revolve around Jerome sustaining a serious head injury.  If you consider the name of my website, you'll understand how lame that.  Gah.  It wasn't on purpose, I swear.

Oh and thank you Ryan Estrada for inspiring me to do something like this in the first place as well as sending me that email that consisted of "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HAW!  Paint! Paint! Paint!!!!!!"  It wouldn't meant as much if it had come from another person.

I had a LOT of fun doing this, and, while I think I'm going to lift my ban on sleeping, I plan on doing something like this again if not pseudo-regularly (I can hope, right?).  I learned a lot about my work ethic and my need for sleep, bad movies, and caffeine.  All in all, I'm pretty happy with my first stab at something like this.  I don't think Jerome feels the same way.



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