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 Well, that was pretty random, right?  Do you dare gaze upon the original "Paul the Kid Eyeball" story written by Adam Jurotich way back in 1988?  Sure you do! 

And so it begins. 

Paul's birthday was apparently on Easter...which in some totally bizarre way justifies him being turned into a bunny further down the road.  Also, I have no idea if that's a pogo stick or if Paul's just doing a little yard work.

I still don't know why Paul would actually send an invitation to someone he doesn't like.  My guess is his huge cyclopsian parents had something to do with it.

Get it.  Asteroid "belt"?  Also if you read this, Zinda Zombie's apparently the meanest person on the planet.  Man, can you imagine if your parents forced you to invite WORLD-FAMOUS evil to your party.

"I say Hitler, would you like some more cake?"

That watch, and the arm it's attached to, is awesome.

Is it wrong to wonder what Paul has to hide with his tiny pants? 

Ole Ogre wasn't Spanish at all.  It was supposed to be Olly Ogre or something, but damn that's a great typo.

This is pretty much how every conversation with my family sounds like.

You have to love how Adam gently weaves the ever-complicating "Hi Paul" motif here.

And again, young Adam brings it home with the "kitchen for a snack" theme.

Two things of note: 

1:  Look at Wendy.  No, Wendy isn't "extremely happy" to see Paul...that's supposed to be her broom. 

2.  The line "This is great" isn't spoken by Paul.  It's being said by the author about his own story.  When I write my epic award-winning novel, I'm going to make sure I include tiny ego-boosting phrases all over the place.

"It was the best of times it was the worst of times. It was the summer of happiness and the winter of discontent. This is a great freaking book. It Rocks! "Hello Madame Defarge!" "Hello Paul!"

Not much to point out here except the look of sheer horror on Wendy's face as George grabs her with an unknown (and unexplored, perhaps for the best) motive.

Apparently they've nailed a Dragon to the wall and press a button to make it spew fire.  So my version of the game isn't that far off from the original.

So much to say.  From "darn picken min!" to the "H.L.F.", there's a lot of stuff going on.  Somewhere in there George has smashed the wall, releasing the imprisoned dragon.  And while most of us tend to agree the dragon was meant to say "Whoa!", I kind of like the idea of him being darkly poetic, exclaiming "Woe!" as the world implodes around him.  Then again, he might just be seeing the next page.

To be fair, transmogrification is one of those once-in-a-lifetime birthday presents.

You have to admit that Zinda knows how to make both a killer entrance and fairly dramatic exit.  Also she has trouble pronouncing the letter "D" from time to time.

We never do learn what Paul's father does for a living, nor why he has a giant hollowed out butt-rocket bird called a "C-59 Canopi." 

What a great page.  Also I think this is what happens to most airplanes that are piloted by people with no depth perception....or just cyclopsian rabbits.  "There is a ray on me, I'm going up."  Wow.

He's running with the egg on his back.  No really, I swear.

Paul's great transformation is complete....but look at the eye, the muscles, that smirk.  Paul may be back but you can't deny the rather malicious gleam in Paul's...eye.  I swear I may have Paul eating puppies or nuns (or nun puppies) next time, based solely on this final page.

You might also notice that Zinda vanishes implying there would be a sequel as she goes.  After almost twenty years, it happened here.  Sort of.

What truly great story would be without a dedication page?  Matt Jurotich may have taught Adam to write stories, but he forgot to teach him to spell.  Oh young Adam, you were awesome.

Thanks again to Adam for sharing this little chunk of childhood creativity and giving me permission to share it with the rest of you.  Now you just need to wait until he signs that deal with Disney.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this random chunk of Paul the Kid Eyeball.


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Paul the kid eyeball was created by a young Adam Jurotich and is used here for both satirical and tribute purposes.  All images are copyright Jared von Hindman 2006, except for the original Paul the Kid Eyeball drawings, which are (or will be) labelled as such.  Enjoy yourself and keep on trucking!

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