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A few months back, one of my friends decided to put together an alternative fashion company.  Maybe alternative isn't the right word.  Terms such as Goth, Fetish, Industrial...all these spring to mind...but don't let me get caught up in terminology.  He already had years of experience doing this and, for one reason or another, decided to get something of his own off the ground.  He brought a few associates and friends into it with him, I being one of those, obviously.  I was charged with painting up a few things for their website. I expected the other KMK folks to like the art.  I didn't expect them to start planning to turn my random goth fashion brainstorms into any sort of reality.  To add to the surreality of the whole thing, we ended up actually getting a chance to have a show on stage at the Trash Cave in Berlin.  While there wasn't time to get a real show off the ground (two months to do EVERYTHING just isn't enough time), we ended up presenting a preview (or teaser, if you're savvy like that) during the Hellfire Harlequin's stage show.  That said, let's dive in:

Back in April, I painted a bunch of designs/concept pieces for Kracked Miror Klothing.  Among them was one design known as the Scrapmetal Dress.

Take some random art, throw in some blood, sweat, about 178 rivets, a broken dvd player, some beer kegs, a very patient fashion model named Angy, some aluminum....

and what do you get?

I could tell you some horror stories involving the production of that dress, but for now I'll simply let Angy look oddly comfortable in it.  I'm still getting over how it's obviously a realization of my original drawings.  So. very. Strange.  But great.  Obvious kudos go to Angy for surviving the dress and to Jim MacDonald for bringing it to reality.

The official Kracked Mirror Klothing website should be up in the near future, which will showcase a few of the other things that we're working on right now.  While I'm not allowed to reveal everything that's on KMK's agenda, I am allowed to give you guys a peak into some of the other art and designs that, if our luck continues, could be appearing on stage sooner than you think. 

That's all I can share right now...there WILL be more with me and KMK in the future.  When that happens, I'll let you people know.


Secret Message from KMK UnderLords:

If anyone out there is interested in helping out/joining the KMK team (this could mean anything from modeling to having to sew a Lovecraftian evening gown to figuring out how to run a vacuum cleaner through a trench coat to I don't really know), feel free to email me at your leisure.  We might be a small company and not have a lot of revenue to throw around, but we've got passion and creativity in spades.  Contact me by clicking HERE, if you're curious.


I want more Art!




All images copyright 2006, jared von hindman, Kracked Mirror Klothing, and jim macdonald.  Don't make us knee-cap you.

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