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Every year I sit down with a handful of horror movies and try to drunkenly carve a pumpkin or two.  I won't say that I'm very good at it but that's never stopped from sharing, now has it? Enjoy some hot gourd loving below.


October 31st: 2010: Clyde, Patchwork Pumpkin


October 20th, 2006:  By popular request and inspiration: 


It's funny what you can do when you crack open a pumpkin, hollow him out, and then try to piece him back together with out a stapler, some screws, a needle, and some thread.  Funny my not be the right word.  Tragic comes to mind.  He still doesn't top last year's Hellraiser pumpkin, but he tries.  Enjoy:



October, Friday the 13th, 2006:

These were the raw materials from this year's drunken pumpkin night.  The two "small but normal" pumpkins ended up being cannibalized and turned into pumpkin soup ingredients, but the rest got turned into fun Halloween zaniness.  Or something like that.  Yes, that is a pineapple.

This year I brainstormed and then asked which pumpkin you guys wanted to see.  While I'm still kind of partial to the Frankenpumpkin, "My Special Friend" was the choice of every single person who emailed me about it.  So, who am I to argue.  Enjoy, by request, My Special Friend:

This here's Lil' Warty.  I'd also like to introduce Lil' Bloaty, Warty's slightly bigger brother:

You might not have been able to tell from the 1st picture, but I grabbed some mutant pumpkins/gourds when I went shopping this year.  This one I THINK is an immature pumpkin that apparently has legs, or horns or something.  I ended up calling it hair, painted it, and named it Valerie:

Now it's time for the pineapple, as previously implied. It was a lot easier to do than I thought it would be.  I wish I had a clever name for it like "Tiki-o-lantern" or "Pineapplekin" but those both suck on toast and are embarrassing to type.  As such, please enjoy the pineapple I carved like a pumpkin:


Well, that's it for the good ones this year.  In the foreground of the group photo you might have noticed a freakish lumpy squash/pumpkin thing.  I painted that in a failed attempt to give pumpkin-birth to something Lovecraftian.  Unfortunately, Cthumpkin  didn't go as planned and photographed even worse:


And last and very much least:

"The pumpkin I tried to carve when I was very, very drunk.......and blindfolded, apparently."



Halloween, 2005:

Over 100 nails went into this cute little tribute Clive Barker's Hellraiser.


For those playing the home game, those are bananas painted red playing the part of horns.

Zoinks! Pumpkin: (Don't ask, these were for a contest and got me a free T-shirt.)


It's the same pumpkin, front and back.


Zoinks is (was) a webcomic magazine (That's seems to have gone broke and out of business sometime in 2007), so I decided to carve (I actually just used a potato peeler on the hollowed-out pumpkin instead of carving it classically) something dedicated to two of the old-school folks of webcomics:  Jin "I'm totally not a Goth" Wicked and Dave "I totally hate you all" Kelly.  Both wear top hats and both are "old school" internet folks, if that make any sense.  You can tell they're old school because, back in 1999 or so, I remember them both for hating the crap out of their audience.

March 2005:  This might not be a pumpkin, but it belongs on this page somehow.

A Scary Onion, multimedia (screws, slice of apple, acrylic paint, one onion).  Personally I think it's kind of cute without the mask.



I want more HALLOWEEN!


All images copyright jared von hindman, head injury theatre 2006.  Not that you can copyright pumpkins, but still.  You get the idea.

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