From time to time (which is more often than legend foretold), I get the bug to do something different.  Sometimes this means painting for two weeks straight, while other times it means making a card game....and even other times it means I need to make fun of a dirty movie.  Everything found here defies typical classification.  Please enjoy my zoo of creative oddities.

Choose Wisely: 

Jared Paints with Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures and 2008's Failed Halloween


A far-too-accurate Alphabet and 2007's Halloween fun

Really Stupid Comic Book Characters, and...well...Another Alphabet.


Another Alphabet, followed by more tequila doom


My 2006 Halloween Festival of Madness, followed by crazy people in costumes


300 Hours of Painting, followed by a measly week



7 Days of Playing with Ink, followed by half a bottle of Tequila



The Dread Scrapmetal Dress,  followed by a poorly-titled alphabet



I'm a Dork, followed by the sick ramblings of an 8-year-old



Fun with Photoshop, followed by a London Webcomic Adventure


The very first content ever put on the site....in fact, the proto-site, if you will.



Halloween is Awesome, followed by mp3 files containing my magic voice



The Art Crash that started it all, followed by a lot of Abe Lincoln



A gift for Ryan Estrada, followed by a contest entry for Daku & Friends



I made a card game for some online friends, followed by the story of a koala.

This isn't an article for kids.  Oh, and it shames me that this is so popular.



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