This past summer was Bizarre.  As such, I'm still not organized.  Damn, I'm disorganized.



Baby Bat Safari, Swollen Pilot, Blasted Freedom of Thought, Lost Thoughts Blue, Skeksis Trio


HalfReborn, The Hills Are Alive, red paint runs, Shadowrun Doodle Bop, South of the Bovine

Familiar Djinn, "I welcome the Meteors", Fallen Star, The Dire Badgerina, Late-Night Picture Showcase #532

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A month ago, someone asked to buy a Donnie Darko ink work I did that had already sold.  They seemed pretty cool, so I told them I'd throw together another version for them.  Turns out I'm a scatter-brained bastard and I didn't remember to do it until this weekend.  As such, enjoy this small series of Frank the Bunny in Ink and Acrylic:

A Diabolic Toy (I did this as a guest comic for


We Simply Jest with You, Wounded Djinn, Spook Warfare, Bitter Child, One Day It Will Work

Set Me Free, Flesh Genie, Infernal Medium, Shaolin Dragon, Lump Beast, Watercolor Lurker, The Sandman


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