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What you are about to read is a comic-type thing I made and (mostly) painted while waiting in the London Stansted Airport, which is NOT in London.  It sort of documents the strange and spontaneous adventure one fan sent me that ended up depositing me at a UK webcomic convention with the intent to watch and learn how these things work.  It was pretty educational and a lot of fun, but the trip and the lessons learned ended up being very stressful and a little depressing.  This is a very "raw" comic, so forgive the mess (as well as the spelling and unchecked grammar) and try to appreciate that 98% of it was done while a security guard with a rifle looked at me suspiciously.

I almost didn't include this one here, but I really was shocked at how multicultural London was. 

That was a quote by the way.  Needless to say, he was really, really "pissed" at the time.

I salvaged this, for example:

"Dear Nerd/Goth/General Social Outcast,

   Thank you very much for taking the time within your hectic schedule of writing articles about "this girl I like but she doesn't notice me" on your online blog and deluding yourself about your "good" taste in music on your Myspace page to come out and stop by my booth.  I'm very proud to be here, and even more proud at the fact you are wasting your petty life away reading the nonsensical gibberish I've written here.  But you should be used to that sort of thing, after all, you're at a comic book convention!..."Hey! Hey you!  Go to my website!  I didn't come here because I like the company of stinking overweight adolescents!"  I figured this would be a good way of grabbing your attention, and you won't be able to walk away claiming you have no money (Who comes to a convention with zero cash?  Seriously?  You're fooling no-one bucko!)....I'm sure you've got some Wikipedia articles to rewrite to include Star Wars references or something.  But I hope I've managed to coax you into out my site and if not (you're a bastard) thanks for reading my words. 

Love and Hugs, Eddie EDDACHE Bowley."

There's more to the letter than that, but it's both sort of funny and sort of depressingly true in a few ways.  His website is and I figured if I'm going to copy his PLEASE LOVE ME letter I might was well include the address.  But he's onto something there...for better or for worse.  He does tap into that weird winding despair that a lot of the more professional booths were confronted with when they realized they hadn't sold very much at all as well as that "holy crap, I'm a loser at a comic convention" vibe.

It really was a good event, but when you've got a 10 hour holdover in an airport and most of the people you interviewed about the event were pretty sad...well, despair seems to want to step up to the plate.  Also I don't think it's clear enough, but the cool people I had dinner with DID NOT seem sad but again these are all people who don't have their online "legitimacy" questioned, if that makes any sense.  You know what, never mind.  I just wanted to share some random thing I made while at the airport, and I hope you laughed at something you saw here. 

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