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So, I hear that you've been out of town.

This little page is just a place to go to find out if anything really new and different has been added to the site without having to be a regular.  The interweb's a big place and as long as you call before you come over, I'm cool with you dropping by whenever.  The Strange Art section updates regularly every other day and the Comic section updates once a week. Everything else should be mentioned here. 

March 14th:  Art Smash Tequila 2!

and a rant about Spawn:  The Movie.

February 28th:  Dungeons & Dragons celebrates 30 years of stupid monsters!

February 26th:  After adding an Updates page, Jared totally forgets to use it.  Besides an hourly comic (see February 5th in the Strange Art section), here are the articles that have gone up this month:

Vincent Price IS Dr. Phibes!

And here's an article about the online sensation (I'm not talking about porn, surprisingly):  City of Villains:  Giant Breasts of Doom.  (I swear, it's not about porn.)

January 25th:  Added a whole ton of new Opera paintings to the Opera page.

I also added an Update page, a Welcome page, and rewrote the "About Jared" page, including both good and horrible things that people have had to say about me.

January 24:  Put an article up that was all about Superman and how he got his ass beat by Muhammad Ali.  Features cameos by The Thundercats and He-man.

January 13th:  Added a link to the Links page (this only happened twice last year so I figured it was worth mentioning).

January 10th:  Wrote an article all about as many film versions of The Phantom of the Opera I could get my hands on.  It's almost complete...but, well, not. 

December 24th:  Wrote an article about "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians." 

I also added a few MP3's of me talking about Christmas-type stuff and the very best version of "Ding Fries are Done." 

...and that's all you get for an Update page for now.  It'll grow in time, I'm sure.

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